October 23, 2021


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Party Wear Dress from Libas e Jamila Fashion Clothing

party wear dress

If you are from Asian culture then you know how much Indians, Bangladeshi and Pakistanis love to party. And that too the good kind. Gatherings with friends and family is something looked forward to by everyone no matter where they live. However Asian gathering and parties call for a unique sense of dressing as compared to the rest of the world. Just like Indian and Pakistani weddings, Asian parties also revolve around a lot of bling glamour and Embroidery Dresses.

Living abroad in countries like the UK, Indians and Pakistanis often have a lot of trouble finding appropriate traditional Party wear dress. Especially for events like parties and weddings, it becomes really difficult to find the perfect dress. Libas e Jamila has stepped in to give you a solution to this problem. Our collection of Indian and Pakistani clothing fits every mood and every occasion. weather it’s a small gathering or a big party, we have something for women of all ages and all tastes. Let me give you a sneak peak into our collection of Asian party wear for women in the UK.

Party Wear Asian Dresses

Our casual dress collection is absolutely ideal for all types of parties and gatherings. Comfortable and cozy yes absolutely beautiful and dazzling, these dresses will be a hit to any party you wear them to. We select the best fabrics including cotton, lawn and linen and style them into the trendiest outfits that you won’t get enough of. With so many options like digital prints and thread embroidery making them look even more amazing.

Our specialties include the chanderi fabric and the aari embroidery work. These outfits are quite modern looking with just the right touch of tradition that will make it the most popular attire of the party.

Indian Fashion of Banarasi Dress

Banarsi dresses are one of the most popular Indian suits UK all around the world. Even though it has been a trend for a long time, women never seem to have enough of it. Which is why we don’t see them going out of trend any time soon. Libas e Jamila’s banarsi dress collection is another one of our best sellers. Gorgeous brocades made of silver and gold thread; these outfits are the life of any party.

We use the finest fabrics and latest designs to make these dresses completely flawless and stunning. Not just that, we also make sure that our outfits are super comfortable so you don’t have to compromise on your comfort to look your best.

Elegant Embroidered Salwar Kameez Dress

List of Indian Outfits for parties can never be complete without the mention of traditional shalwar kameez dresses. Ravishing georgette and crepe fabric decorated with the most intricate and beautiful embroidery; these dresses are out of this world. We make sure to find the finest cloth and our expert designers put their soul intro designing these outfits that are all gorgeously flawless.

Apart from the embroidery work on the kameez, the dupattas are also beautifully embroidered and really enhance the overall look of the dresses. You can modify your outfits to suit yourself. Whether you style your kameez with a typical shalwar or a palazzo, a churidar or a straight pant, you can’t go wrong with it.

Stealing the floor in Stunning Saree

Can you imagine a desi party without some women stealing the floor in stunning sarees? Not us either. Which is why Libas e Jamila’s partywear also includes a wide range of designer sarees. These saree dresses come with striking designer blouses as well which are decorated by lovely embroideries of different types. The saree itself is make of the finest chiffon that you won’t find anywhere else. Wear a saree from our collection and you will never regret it.

The list can go on as Libas e Jamila never disappoints its customers when it comes to providing the latest styles of stunning party wear. You will find all this and more at our online store. Everything is amazingly stunning and that too in super discounted prices. Hurry up and don’t miss this chance to find the most beautiful dresses for your parties, wedding and day to day wardrobe and get them delivered to you anywhere in the UK in no time.